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                            Astra   + Logos

 Astra means  stars  &  logos  means logic (reason)  i.e  message of  a  stars Meaning  of Astrology  :                    The  study of stars on  human   

“Co relation between the cosmic  &  man”   



About Us


Name :-              G.K.Astrologer

Qualification :-  Jyotish Praveen , Jyotish

                            Visharad , Palamistry,

                            Krishana Murtri Padhati,

                            Remedial Measure in

                            Astrology , Prabhakar,

                            M.A. M.Phil , B.Ed. M.Ed.



Phone :-              09466798411

Office :-                      Near Old Bus stand Narayangarh

                                                 Distt. Ambala, Haryana


E-mail :-       gk@gurukripaastro.org